Saturday, 26 December 2015

Shakshouka :How to make Shakshouka

Shakshouka  Recipe:

This Recipe originated from Tunisia ,it is a breakfast recipe which is made with eggs poached in tomatoes, garlic,ginger,carrots,green chilli and serve with cilantro and mint leaves for garnishing.

Preparation is very simple for this recipe  in a frying pan add olive oil 2 table spoon with finely chopped onions fry it till it slightly turns brown then add carrots and de-seeded green chillies now to this mixture add ginger garlic paste ,redchilli powder and garam masala .To this mixture add tomato paste and let it cook for 5 minutes on medium high .Add half a cup of water to this gravy  and so that carrots gets tender and soft .drizzle olive oil on top of gravy make small 3 wells in this gravy and drop  Eggs in to those wells cover it with lid cook on medium low flame for 5 minutes  .

Garnish with cilantro and mint Leaves and Enjoy your breakfast with this Shakshouka.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hyderabadi Butter Chicken

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Butter Chicken is Punjabi Indian Dish which is made of chicken in a curried sauce and can be enjoyed with Naan or Chapati.


Chicken (with bone) is marinated for half hour in a yogurt and Masala (spice) mixture .

Masala (Spice) Mixture:Turmeric ,salt,Ginger Garlic Paste ,Garam Masala .As it is mildly hot so Chilli powder is optional
Cashews (8 pieces) grind to make a paste .


In a Frying pan add oil put in on medium flame and add marinated chicken fry it till chicken becomes tender  now Add cashew paste and mix it well till it becomes thick sauce after 5 minutes add Butter or cream with some cilantro and mint leaves for garnishing.

Butter chicken is Ready to be served .

Saturday, 21 November 2015

OATS DOSA (Pancake)

In South Indian Cooking Dosa (pancake) Made from Rice Floor and Ground Pulses Filled with Vegetable filling since its made from rice it contains lots of Carbs so instead rice floor i took Oats and ground pulses that is  white lentils  (Urad Dal).As health point of view its less in Carbs and easy to digest as well

Recipe :


Oats                      :  Powdered Form 1 cup    (100 gm)
White Lentils        : Powdered Form  1/4 cup (25 g)
Water                    : 2 Cups (350 ml)
Salt                        : To Taste

Dosa made with Oats


  • Add All ingredients to blender and make it thin batter .
  • Heat Nonstick Pan pour batter on the Pan on low flame spreading from inside to a round shape.
  • when the corners turn brown put some  oil through the corners and fold over.
  • Pan Cake is ready to be served 
  • It can be served with Tomato Chutney or Other vegetable filling.
  • Enjoy

  • Wednesday, 18 November 2015

    Hyderabadi Tomato Chutni

    Recipe :

    Ingredients :

    1. Tomatoes -  10 
    2. Tamarind -  2 spoons paste
    3. Red Chilli  Powder - 1 tsp
    4. Turmeric Powder -1/2 tsp
    5. Ginger & garlic Paste - 1 tsp
    6. Salt - To taste
    7. Coriander Powder - 1 tsp
    8. Whole Red Chilli - for Garnishing
    9. Oil - 1 tblsp
    10. Cumin Seeds  - 1/2 tsp
    11. Curry leaves - 4
    Tomato Chatni Made at home

    Method :

    Cut Tomatoes into small pieces.
    Add oil to frying Pan put some ginger garlic paste, turmeric,add tomtoes with red chilli powder let it get it fried in oil leave it for 10 minutes on low flame .After tomatoes get cooked transfer that mixture to a blender and blend it for few minutes.

    On the side boil water add tamarind take out the  thick paste from it  and it to mixture that was blended.Now add coriander powder ,For garnishing heat oil in wok (kadai) add whole red chilli then add cumin seeds wait till it get sputters,also add curry leaves  then add that mixture to blended mixture.

    Chutni ready to be served ..

    Tuesday, 17 November 2015

    Kaddu Ki Kheer (Sweet with Squash)

    Recipe :

    Ingredients :

    • Squash (Kaddu)   : Grate Squash without skin 
    • Sugar : As Per Sweetness
    • Milk : 2 Litre
    • Condensed Milk : 1 can
    • Almonds & Cashews (optional) : For Garnishing

    Sweet Kaddu ki Kheer

    Method :

    Add grated squash with milk and boil it till milk gets to half quantity .put in on low for about 20 min then stir it consistently till it thickens
    Add can of condensed milk to that mixture with sugar .
    your sweet is ready to be served ,for garnishing sliced Almonds & cashews on top..



    Saturday, 24 January 2015

    Hyderabadi Mutton Curry

    I always wonder why the Grandma's Mutton Curry is mouth watering and yummy so, i asked my grandma to prepare mutton curry then i found the secret recipe for it and its really flavourful.The preparation takes time but it is okay for that taste to spend some extra time below is recipe for it .


    1. Mutton                                           -  1 Kg
    2. Ginger & Garlic Paste                    - 2 Table spoon
    3. Salt                                                 - As per taste
    4. Black Cumin Seeds (Shahi-Zeera) - 1 Table spoon
    5. Cinnamon Stick (DalChini)            - 3 Small Pieces
    6. Green Cardamom (Elaichi)            - 5 Pieces
    7. Whole Red Chillies                        - 4 Pieces
    8. Green Chillies                                 - 4 Pieces
    9. Onions                                             - 2 Big
    10. Black Pepper Corn                          - 5 
    11. Cashews                                          -  10 Pieces
    12. Oil  (Canola)                                   -  3 Table Spoon
    13. Milk                                                 -  Half cup
    14. Coriander leaves                              - 2 Sprigs


    1. Heat Oil in wide Pan add Mutton & Salt then with stirrer mix it well till mutton appears to be brown. Add Ginger Garlic Paste Mix it well .
    2. Add all ingredients (from 2 to 8 ) mix it well and stir it so that it wont stick to bottom of pan.
    3. Once Every thing is mixed add 2 cups of water let it sit on stove top for 20 min on low flame .if meat is not tenderise use a pressure cooker.
    4. On the side cook onions till it get brown .
    5. Mix mutton with onions stir it till you mutton gets coated with onions
    6. Add Cashews & Milk in a blender pour that mixture into mutton heat it on low flame till you get a thick gravy 
    7. Garnish Your Mutton Curry with coriander leaves ..
    Grandma Style Mutton Curry

    Shakshouka :How to make Shakshouka

    Shakshouka  Recipe: This Recipe originated from Tunisia ,it is a breakfast recipe which is made with eggs poached in tomatoes, garli...